The Morris County Office of Weights and Measures (MCOWM), is a unit of the Division of Consumer Affairs under the direction of the Department of Law and Public Safety. All weighing and measuring devices used for commercial purposes are required to be registered with the New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures.

The MCOWM tests and certifies the accuracy of these devices yearly and randomly throughout the year. Devices that have passed inspection have a blue sticker conspicuously placed on them.

The MCOWM officers conduct unannounced commodity audits in retail businesses throughout the County of Morris. These audits include price verification (scanning), package labelling, net quantity of commodities offered for sale. Gasoline stations are tested for quantity, octane, water contamination, as well as pricing issues. Precious metal buyers are regulated and under our inspection.

While the MCOWM endeavors to represent all parties in the equitable and fair exchange of commerce, consumer’s have a responsibility to be observant and aware of transaction details.

We are here to insure compliance and will investigate matters brought to our attention.

If you need to reach us, email [email protected].