The county budget and expenditures are regulated by New Jersey statutes, and regulations enacted by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

About the State Budget Format

All county budgets are prepared and adopted using the same format. The format is determined by the NJ Local Finance Board, Division of Local Government Services

State Budget Format

  • Budget Notice: Page 2
  • Explanatory Statement: Pages 3 – 3b(2)
  • Anticipated Revenues: Pages 4 – 9
  • Appropriations: Pages 10-34
  • Appendix to Budget Statement: Page 38
  • Capital Budget: Pages 39 –
    • Current Year: Pages 39b-1 to 39b-3
    • Six Year Plan: Pages 39c-1 to 39c-3
    • Six Year Funding Source Estimates: Pages 39d-1 to 39d-3
  • Open Space Trust Fund: Page 42

About Property Taxes

The NJ State League of Municipalities has information on its website about property taxes. While the League’s focus is municipal government, these articles provide a good overview for NJ taxpayers: