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  • All goods, supplies, equipment and contractual services having a projected annual cost in excess of $17,500 are purchased on the basis of formal, written, competitive, sealed solicitations of bids, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 et seq.
  • Professional services are solicited by requests for proposals or requests for qualifications.
  • Purchases between the quote threshold (15% of the current NJ State Local Public Contracts Law bid threshold), and $17,500 (Chapter 19 Pay-to-Play threshold), are awarded by the Qualified Purchasing Agent, appointed by Board of County Commissioners.
  • All purchases of a given commodity are accounted for in the aggregate on an annual basis, including the least purchase to the largest.  The annual aggregation is not based on calendar, but on the date of the submitted requisition by the using department.
  • Purchases under the above quote threshold, in the aggregate annually, are awarded on a competitive basis by soliciting either verbal or written quotations from vendors.
  • The County can and does participate with the State of New Jersey (Division of Purchase and Property) procurement cooperative, and other Division of Local Government Services approved purchasing cooperatives
  • All Professional Services and Goods & Services contracts for more than the above quote threshold, yet under the bid limit established by New Jersey’s Local Public Contracts Law (N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 et seq.), in the aggregate annually, will be awarded under the provision of “Fair and Open” according to NJ “Pay-to-Play” statutes.
  • The County of Morris bid solicitation documents must be used and are supplied by the Purchasing Division.
  • Commodity totals are aggregated across all County departments, divisions, and constitutional offices.
  • The County always strives to award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.
  • At all times a County of Morris Purchase Order will be issued.
  • A committee approach is used in the evaluation of request for proposal responses.
  • The County will not accept any vendor listed on the State of New Jersey Debarred Lists.