You Can Protect Yourself From Mosquito Bites

Life Cycle of the Mosquito

The life cycle of the mosquito

  • EGGS are laid on the water surface or where later flooding will allow the emergence of:
  • LARVAE which grow rapidly to:
  • PUPAE in which wings, legs, and beak develop that will be needed by the:
  • ADULT which returns to the water to lay EGGS and start the cycle all over again.

Mosquitos and Water


  • Mosquitoes breed only in water.
  • Mosquitoes must have water for at least 7 days to complete their development.
  • Any standing water may breed mosquitoes.
  • Control measures should be directed at their breeding places.

Check your yard – eliminate all standing water in:

  • Check Your YardRoof gutters and rain barrels
  • Boats and birdbaths
  • Cans, bottles, and plastic bags
  • Flower pots and vases
  • Unused swimming and wading pools
  • Wheelbarrows and mortar tubs
  • Drain water once a weekOrnamental pools and fountains
  • Cellars and crawl spaces
  • Old tires and tire ruts

Drain or dump the water once each week!