The Division of Mosquito Control has a full-time staff that works year round to control mosquito populations in the county. Water management, surveillance, public education, service requests, site inspections and pesticide applications are part of this varied program.

Administration and Office Staff

The Director oversees the daily operation of the Division. The office staff of three is the first point of contact for the public. Along with their administration duties they also process all the service requests from the public.


Two full-time biologists are on staff. The biologist role is to do surveillance of mosquito populations, identify mosquitoes, assist in coordination of the airspray program, and participate in the disease surveillance aspect of the Commission. Seasonal staff are often hired to assist with this important work.


Under the direction of the Chief Inspector, inspectors are required to check designated areas of the county called “districts”. The areas are treated as necessary by hand or with ATV’s. The inspectors also assist with surveillance, service requests, air spray, and tire collection.


Maintenance staff are available to maintain the Division vehicles and property.

Water Management

The Water Management staff consists of the General Supervisor who oversees the crew of laborers and an equipment operator. The Wetlands Specialist acquires all permits for water management projects. Work includes, ditch maintenance, river and stream cleaning, and stormwater system maintenance. Cooperative projects with other county agencies and municipalities is common.