May-June 2018 – “Patriotic Morris County”

The Morris County Board of Freeholders would like to thank county residents who participated in the county’s “Patriotic Morris County” photo contest!

The contest encouraged participants to send us their best patriotic photos from around the county – parades, ceremonies, flags, and anything else patriotic. Winners were chosen from more than 50 entries by a seven-person panel.

There were many wonderful photos, but in the end, the following pictures took the prize!

The Winners

First Place

Rudy Savoie plays Taps on his trumpet in front of American flags.

Taps at the Green Village Memorial Day Ceremony – Tom Salvas, Chatham Township

Rudy Savoie plays Taps at the Memorial Day ceremony at Green Village in Chatham Township on May 28, 2018.

Second Place

A young boy, lying on the floor, looks at a photo album. A sepia-toned photo of his great-grandfather, in military dress, is on the boys's right. On the left is a military medal.

Great Grandpa: A Silent Hero of WWII Bataan Death March – Jesse Vince-Cruz, Randolph
My son Mason trying to remember his great grandpa as “Silent Hero of WWII Bataan Death March ” in the Philippines. His great grandpa was a USAFFE (United States Armed Forces of Far East), Col.Lt Pedro D. Ricafranca.

Third Place

Two veterans proudly hold up a handmade quilt of the American flag.

Quilt of Valor – Joe Phalon, Pequannock
Veterans Lou Hebert and Joe Phalon Sr. were among the veterans who were presented with patriotic quilts from volunteers at Quilting for a Cause during Memorial Day Observance in Pequannock Township May 28.

Honorable Mentions

The Morris County 9-11 Memorial

We Will Never Forget – Lisa Epstein
In the time surrounding 9-11, I witnessed patriotism as I’d never seen before. Morris Ccounty residents flew flags, helped neighbors, volunteered, and demonstrated pride. We found our American identities. A coworker of mine has his name inscribed at this memorial. I am grateful to have this reminder around the corner from my home. We will never, ever forget.

Two children at a Memorial Day parade pose and smile in front of an American flag, while their dog looks on.

Enjoying the Memorial Day Parade – Andrea Danysh
Morris Plains – Watching the memorial day parade with my children, taken in Morris Plains.

A patriotic wreath sits in front of graves at a military cemetary.

Commemorate – Mia Mutascio
Evergreen Cemetery – Photo taken June 3rd honoring those who fought for our country.

Two soldiers pose in front of a tank, painted to look like the American flag.

Love for America – Andrea Echavarria Rudea
These pictures were taken with the purpose of showing how beautiful America can be including those who fight for us everyday, we must show gratitude and respect for all who served or serve our country, may God bless them.