Engineering & Transportation
10 Court Street
(973) 285-6750

The division secures funding for road, bridge, railroad, bicycle, and pedestrian projects. It serves the county through regional transportation planning, design, implementation, and coordination of various modes of transportation. The engineering staff is responsible for design, construction, reconstruction, and paving of county roads, as well as bridge and culvert construction, drainage, and repair specifications. Transportation planning staff conduct studies and coordinate planning efforts with state agencies, municipalities, county departments, and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, and supervise three county-owned freight railroads.

Three Freeholder appointed boards, the Morris County Board of Transportation, Airport Advisory Committee and the Freight Railroad Advisory Committee advise the division on its activities.

Building Construction and Reconstruction

(973) 285-6340

Oversees contracts for construction and reconstruction of county government buildings, whether done by the county or by a private contractor.

Buildings and Grounds
Maintenance and Security Services

County Courthouse
Washington St. (Rt. 24)
(973) 285-6340

Provides maintenance for county buildings and grounds, except the parks, and security services for all buildings except the parks, courts, and the county nursing home.

Motor Service Center

(973) 285-6769

Maintains all county vehicles & equipment and manages the county garage.

Road & Bridge Division

(973) 285-6763

Maintains, reconstructs and repairs the 300-mile county roads and the county’s 1,000 bridges and culverts.

Road Inspection

(973) 285-6749

Handles requests for permits to open county roads, inspects the location, and ensures receipt of bond.

Shade Tree Management

W. Hanover Ave.,
Morris Township
(973) 285-6763

Protects and cares for trees and ornamental plant life along the rights-of-way of the country road system. Operates a leaf mulch program and nursery to provide trees for roadside planting. Provides consultation to municipalities and non-profit groups.

Mosquito Control
Location: Highview Avenue
Cedar Knolls
(973) 285-6450

The Mosquito Control division carries on a program of Integrated Pest Management including inspections, biological controls, water management and public education, coordinated with the DEP and health agencies. The Division undertakes activities and public awareness events to reduce the population of mosquitoes in Morris County.