Communication Center

Provides 9-1-1 emergency call-taking and emergency dispatching for county and municipal emergency response agencies.

Emergency Management
Public Safety Training Academy
W. Hanover Ave.
(973) 285-2922

Operates on a 24 hour a day basis. Oversees emergency operations caused by natural or man-made disasters.

Health Management
634 W. Hanover Avenue
Morris Township
(973) 631-5484

Centralizes county public health information, and has oversight of Bio-Terrorism planning and other health-related projects

Medical Examiner

PO Box 900
Morristown NJ 07963-0900
(973) 829-8270

Conducts medico-legal investigations and autopsies if required.

Public Safety Training Academy
W. Hanover Ave.
(973) 285-2979

A multi-faceted training facility providing professional training for fire, law enforcement, corrections and first aid squad personnel, volunteer and salaried. The academy includes a Life Safety Complex, completed in 2001, for state-of-the-art fire training.

Weights & Measures
101 Western Ave
(973) 285-2955

This division is responsible for checking all commercial weighing and measuring devices and makes random checks of commodities sold by weight and measure. Investigates complaints of fraud on consumer items.