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AECOM rendering of MOrris County Courthouse
The Morris County Board of Freeholders held a special public session on January 9, 2019, to outline specific reasons for the consideration of a Morris County Courthouse expansion and renovations, to meet the needs and requirements for state judicial facilities in Morris County. Officials from the Morris County courts, law enforcement, engineering, and public safety made brief presentations on the courthouse issue to outline the needs during this special session.

Public Presentation

On January 9, 2019, subject matter experts from around Morris County gave a public presentation on the need and reasons for the potential Morris County Courthouse expansion and renovation.


  • County Administrator John Bonanni
  • Morris County Superior Court Assignment Judge Stuart Minkowitz
  • Sheriff James M. Gannon
  • Morris County Law & Public Safety Director Scott DiGiralomo
  • Morris County Engineer Christopher Vitz

The full presentation and slides are available below:

Courthouse PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)


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