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Morris County is a leader in its use of Social Media. We communicate with you on the web at, on Facebook and Twitter. Visit our YouTube channel. Photos are on Instagram and Flickr. Jobs are posted on LinkedIn. And, you can subscribe to many of our pages via our RSS feed. Please read and understand our Commenting Policy prior to commenting on any of our social sites.

For anyone new to social media, we’ve provided a brief overview of the channels we use.

Visit our Municipalities page for links to their websites and social media.

Facebook iconFacebook

What is it? Facebook is a community. Individuals become friends, share information about themselves, what they’re doing and their interests. Facebook users can upload photos, videos, send direct emails to other Facebook users, comment on what others have said, play games, support causes, and more. Security can be set so that anyone can see postings, or just friends, or friends of friends. People can “like” organization or company pages.

What does it look like? Posts, or status updates, appear on an individual’s timeline and are seen by those with whom the individual has shared the posting. A mayor benefit is being able to share, with your friends, information someone has shared with you.

What can I do there? Morris County Facebook fans can read and comment on County announcements.

How do I sign up? Go to and sign up for an account if you want to “like” MorrisCountyNJ. If you just want to read what’s on our page without commenting, go to

Twitter iconTwitter

What is it? Twitter is a micro-blog. Postings are called “tweets”. Each one is limited to 140 characters. Typically postings include links to more information. The benefit of Twitter is that you can quickly scan posts and then click a link for more information.

What does it look like? Online, our Twitter page is branded with the Morris County seal, indicating it’s the official Twitter account.

What can I do there? With Twitter, you can “follow” people or organizations of interest. When you “follow” someone, their tweets (postings) appear on your Twitter page or in a Twitter app on your smartphone. Because the messages are limited to 140 characters, posts can be scanned quickly.

Reading tweets is like reading the subject lines of email. Twitter is a wonderful application for government updates: openings, closings, meeting dates & times, links to press releases, and emergency notifications.

Tweets can come to your phone as text messages using Twitter “Fast Follow”. This is perfect for emergency communications to those who do not have smartphones, but do have text-enabled phones. Text the message follow @AlertMorris to 40404 to get Morris County emergency tweets as text messages. No Twitter account is required.

You don’t need a twitter account if you only want to read our tweets online, either. Simply visit

How do I sign up? To get an account of your own, visit and sign up. Then, go to and click “Follow”. Morris County postings will appear on your Twitter home page.


Instagram logoInstagram

What is it? A mobile app (and website) where you can share and view photos and videos.

What does it look like? Branded with Morris County’s seal, our Instagram page highlights events and scenes from around Morris County. Most photos are tagged with #morriscounty or #morriscountynj.

What can I do there? You can post your own photos and videos, either to your profile or to a temporary “Story” (a separate feed where your content vanishes after 24 hours). You can also follow other Instagram users and view their content.

How do I sign up? Sign up via the Instagram app for Android or iPhone, or visit Make sure to follow MorrisCountyNJ!

YouTube iconYouTube

What is it? A website where you can view videos.

What does it look like? Branded with Morris County’s seal, our YouTube channel offers videos about issues pertaining to Morris County. Please share our videos.

How do I sign up? You don’t need a YouTube account to view our videos. Just visit If you want to be notified when we put up new videos, sign up for a YouTube account so you can subscribe to our channel.

Flickr iconFlickr

What is it? Flickr is a still photo gallery site.

What does it look like? Our Morris County photo gallery has multiple ‘collections’. Within each collection are sets related to a particular category. Flickr is also branded with our Morris County seal.

What can I do there? Morris County’s photo galleries are set up in various collections: Park Commission, Superstorm Sandy & Hurricane Irene, Ceremonies, Mosquito Commission and more. All photos © County of Morris NJ. Please email the webmaster for duplication or use permission.

How do I sign up? You don’t need an account to view our photographs on Flickr or in our Facebook page. Just visit our Flickr page to see our photo collection.

LinkedIn iconLinkedIn

What is it? LinkedIn is a social networking and job hunting site for professionals.

What does it look like? Our LinkedIn page is branded with the County seal and shows a picture of the Morris County Courthouse.

What can I do there? Morris County posts jobs to its LinkedIn page. You can view jobs and hit a button to apply. If you’re a County employee, you can note on your personal LinkedIn profile that you work for the County.

How do I sign up? You don’t need an account to view our LinkedIn page.

RSS Feed iconRSS Feed
Morris County press releases RSS feed

What is it? A “feed” is a file containing content published online. It could be content in a web page, or from a social media site like Twitter or Facebook.

Feedburner screen shotWhat does it look like? The feed is sent somewhere, typically to a reader. Readers all look different and there are many, many readers. Here’s one list. A search of “RSS readers” will return many such lists. Choose a reader you like and subscribe.

What can I do there? Like Twitter, the benefit of RSS is that you don’t have to keep checking a website to see what’s changed if you can subscribe. You can have all your feeds sent to one place so you can easily pick what you want to read. It’s almost like creating your own newspaper each day from those places where you want to grab news or information.

How do I sign up? First, sign up for a reader. Then, look for the orange icon on a page where you’re interested in tracking the content. The icon could look like the one we use or it could be an icon with the letters RSS. Click that and choose your reader.

You can also have the information sent directly to your email (often used by the press).