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Posted Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

Morris County Clerk’s Office Experiencing Record Volume of Phone Calls and Needs Public Assistance 

Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi urged voters with simple questions regarding the election to use her website, noting her office is experiencing an exorbitant volume of phone calls.Vote Logo

“This is why we are asking the public to go to our website at with simple questions,” said Clerk Grossi.

There you will find detailed information on all aspects of this election, such as:

  1. ballot box locations,
  2. polling locations,
  3. dates when ballots were mailed, written instructions on what to expect when you receive your ballot package,
  4. methods of returning your ballots, and

Videos on:

  1. How to Vote,
  2. What to do if you receive duplicate ballots, ballots for persons who are no longer living at your address and deceased parties, and
  3. mail-in ballot updates.

One employee’s phone system recorded 2,008 messages over the

Ann Grossi

Morris County Clerk Ann F. Grossi

weekend, according to the clerk. Additionally, the office is experiencing on average of more than 100 phone calls per hour on all election staff phone systems.

“We always want to answer all calls, and provide timely and accurate information, but with this unprecedented volume it becomes difficult. That is why we are urging people to use our website first before calling for routine questions,” the County Clerk explained.

If, after looking at the website, a voter still feels a need to call the clerk, please feel free to do so at 973-285-6066. However, please be mindful that the overwhelming number of calls coming into the office may require a longer than normal wait time.