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Posted Friday, July 10th, 2020

Urges Residents Not to Camp Outside of MVC Centers

Governor Phil Murphy announced today that  steps are being taken to ease the crunch at state Motor Vehicle Commission offices, which reopened this week with long lines and long waiting times in Morris County and across the state

COVID-19: Governor Extends MVC Expiration Dates to Ease Long Lines and Overcrowding

The Governor said that MVC expiration dates have been EXTENDED for:

  • Driver’s licenses;
  • Non-driver IDs;
  • Vehicle registrations;
  • Inspections.

In addition:

  • Temporary tags documents expired between 3/13 – 5/31 have been extended to 9/30;
  • Documents expiring 6/1 – 8/31 have been extended to 12/31.

The Governor said he is aware of the demand for MVC services and pledged to make progress on the backlogs.

“We won’t rest until we’ve gotten back to the customer service that people deserve,” said the Governor, who said he is not pleased by the overcrowding situation that occurred when MVC facilities reopened.

He also urged state residents not to remain at Motor Vehicle Commision facilities that have reached capacity, and he urged residents not to camp out overnight outside of facilities.