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Posted Friday, June 19th, 2020

Customers in Six Morris Towns Asked to Limit Unessential Water Use

The Southeast Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority has declared a precautionary water emergency that will remain in effect for the next 72-hours or until it completes emergency repairs to its water system.

SMCMUA requests that customers refrain from any non-essential water uses, such as watering lawns and washing cars. Customers also should also conserve water use inside their homes.Southeast Morris County MUA Declares Water Supply Emergency

During the repair process, water is safe to drink but customers may experience reduced water pressure.

When service is restored to normal, customers may experience cloudy and or discolored water.

If discolored water is observed, flush the internal cold-water plumbing lines until all faucets run clear starting at the lowest level of your home or business and working your way up. Flush sinks, tubs, showers, all appliances that utilize water and outdoor hose bibs. Repeat flushing steps as necessary until the water clears.

Southeast Morris provides water to Morristown, Morris Township, Morris Plains, and Hanover Township, with some service to Harding and Mendham Township, plus select customers outside of Morris County. It has 15,000 residential and 2,500 commercial/industrial customers, serving about 100,000 residents daily.

If you have a question, please call the SMCMUA customer service center at 973-326-6880. For more information, visit the SMCMUA website.