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Posted Saturday, June 27th, 2020

Limited to 25 Percent Capacity

Guidelines have been released pertaining to Gov. Phil Murphy’s Executive Order No. 157, which allows for the resumption of indoor dining and indoor recreation at 25 percent capacity starting on July 2.COVID-19: Rules for Reopening of Indoor Dining --Starting July 2

The rules specify requirements for business owners and customers.

The Executive Order also reiterates that gyms and fitness centers, movie theaters, performing arts centers, other concert venues, and indoor amusement and water parks cannot reopen at this time.  Further, dance floors at any business must be closed or cordoned off.

Gyms and fitness centers can, however, offer individualized indoor instruction by appointment only.

The indoor dining requirements include:

  1. Limit the number of patrons to 25 percent of the establishment’s indoor capacity, excluding employees;
  2. Ensure that tables are six feet apart in all directions and that individual seats in any shared area, such as an indoor bar area, also are six feet apart in all directions;
  3. Require patrons to wear face coverings while inside the premises except when seated at their table or individual seat.  This requirement does not apply to patrons with medical issues or children under age two;
  4. Food or beverage establishments with table service may only allow patrons to place orders when seated, and only wait staff may bring food or beverages to seated patrons;
  5. Patrons may only consume food or beverages while seated (meaning they cannot walk around with their beverages, for example); and
  6. Abide by all other health and safety standards issued by the Commissioner of the Department of Health, including infection control practices and other sanitization protocols.

For a copy of the Department of Health’s updated Executive Directive on outdoor and indoor dining, please click here.