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Posted Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

Great Tool To Get You Around County Parks During Pandemic

The Morris County Park Commission is featuring its new MCPC Explorer app which allows patrons to download parks maps to their phones and explore the types of activities you can find and do at county parks.COVID-19: Morris Parks App Gets You Around County Park Grounds and Trails

The new app is especially important during the COVID-19 crisis as map boxes at county parks are not being refilled at this time.

It is important to note the MCPC Explorer app is web-based, and requires an internet connection/mobile service.  Service is not available in all areas of county parks.  It is recommended that you download a local copy of an official trail map through the app before heading out on the trails.

MCPC Explorer is an interactive mapping experience where you can:
  • Track your current location on your mobile device as you explore the parks
  • Search park facilities by activity, amenity, proximity, etc.
  • Download maps to your mobile device (PDF) before entering park areas of limited cell service
  • Share your customized map with others
  • Report conditions to staff
  • …and more!

For a full list of current county parks openings and more information visit the Morris County Park Commission website.

Also, please remember the Governor’s recommendation to wear a mask. At least have one with you to use if you encounter other folks on narrow trail areas.