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Posted Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

Distribution of PPE is Vital to Battle Against COVID-19

Morris County continues to work with our county’s long term healthcare facilities, senior facilities, and with first responder agencies to provide urgently needed personal protection equipment for the continuing battle with COVID-19.

The county Office of Emergency Management has coordinated distribution of thousands of PPE items that are critically needed by healthcare and emergency first responders during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19: Freeholders Laud OEM, Fire Instructors Staff, Sheriff's Office, Park Police for Distribution of PPE

So far, the Morris County team has distributed personal protective equipment to more than 120 facilities and first responder agencies throughout Morris County.

They have distributed approximately 200,000 pieces of personal protective equipment, including N95 masks, surgical masks, Tyvek coveralls, isolation gowns, face shields, eye protectors, bottles of hand sanitizer, and gallon bottles of sanitizer to our facilities and first responder agencies.

“This has been a remarkable effort to get our front line responders in this battle against COVID-19 the items they so desperately need to safeguard their health as they work to care for our families, friends and loved ones,” said Morris County Freeholder Director Deborah Smith. “I thank our county team —  OEM, Sheriff’s Office, Park Police, Fire Instructor’s staff –for their hard work, and I thank our healthcare workers for their life-saving dedication.”COVID-19: Freeholders Laud OEM, Fire Instructors Staff, Sheriff's Office, Park Police for Distribution of PPE

“There is nothing more essential right now than ensuring that workers caring for our fragile residents are protected with the gloves, masks and gowns they need for both their own and their patients’ health and safety,” said Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon.

Sheriff Gannon and Morris County Park Police Chief Gabriele DiPietro noted that Sheriff’s Officers and Park Police have worked closely with the Morris County Office of Emergency Management on frequent deliveries of PPE to medical professionals at long-term health care facilities, and to some police departments.

“The Morris County Park Police have always had a supportive and cooperative working relationship with the Morris County Office of Emergency Management and its director, Jeff Paul. This joint effort in supplying PPE equipment to those who need it in Morris County is one of the best examples of how the efforts of this collaboration are put into action,” said Park Police Chief DiPietro.

The Morris County OEM has been recognized by the state for the innovative manner in which it has effectively employed surveys, facility and first responder assessments, and for the inventory and PPE distribution model that it has used since the inception of COVID-19 operation. The state has asked Morris County OEM to review its PPE operation with New Jersey’s other 20 counties as a best practice model.

Morris County OEM Director Jeff Paul says the credit goes to the “phenomenal effort” of  the entire staff at the county Office of Emergency Management and the County’s Fire Instructor staff, as well as the Morris County Sheriff’s Office delivery team.

“We formed ‘Team Morris’ and nothing was stopping our seven day operation in support of our healthcare and first responder heroes who are taking care of our residents,” said Paul. “The work that everyone continues to do is truly remarkable and we owe everyone a deep debt of gratitude and a BIG thank you!”COVID-19: Freeholders Laud OEM, Fire Instructors Staff, Sheriff's Office, Park Police for Distribution of PPESheriff logo