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Posted Friday, May 29th, 2020

Governor Phil Murphy today signed legislation (A4157), which temporarily extends the deadline to file a property tax appeal to July 1 and the deadline for county boards of taxation to render decisions in tax appeal cases to Sept. 30. The bill applies retroactively to April 1, 2020.COVID-19: Deadlines Extended for Property Tax Appeals and Decisions

“Our current public health crisis has substantially disrupted many of our routine processes, including the ability of New Jersey homeowners to file timely property tax appeals,” said Gov. Murphy.

“Establishing clear dates for tax appeals and decisions will eliminate the potential for a backlog that would only cause further fiscal uncertainty for taxpayers and municipal governments.”

The Governor, in a statement, said that giving homeowners and counties time, by extending deadlines, is critical to ensure properties can be fairly assessed and appeals adequately processed. It also would provide families an opportunity to generate savings on tax payments, particularly when many have lost income and become financially vulnerable.

The extent and duration of the current public health emergency could mean that property tax appeals for the current tax year may not be resolved until 2021, which could create a backlog of appeals that may ultimately delay their resolution.