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Posted Wednesday, April 1st, 2020


March 2020, which finally has ended, will be remembered as a month that changed America. But more importantly, as we enter April, this month likely will be the critical time period that determines how and when we get our arms around this Coronavirus pandemic and start to bring it to an end.

Freeholder Director Deborah Smith

Freeholder Director Deborah Smith

Each one of us in Morris County has a critical role to play in dealing with this crisis. We must continue our dedication to constant hand washing, to self-isolation if you have even the slightest hint of a cough or fever, and to maintaining social distancing – six feet or even more.

Most important, as our heroic medical professionals and first responders say over and over again, “We came to work for you. Please stay home for us.” Listen to their pleas and, if possible, only leave home for necessary food and medicine.

For those county residents who cannot stay home during this pandemic — our medical teams and first responders, police and firefighters, the grocery clerks and cashiers, the people pumping our gas, the warehouse workers and truck drivers who are making sure our supermarkets are stocked, providing meals to our seniors and the needy, and so many others – we greatly thank you for your efforts.

To the county government employees and municipal government workers who continue to provide essential services to our residents during this crisis, we say Thank You!

As we strive to deal with this crisis, we know there still will be tough days ahead. But as long as we pull together, work as a united community, we will win this battle and come out even stronger.

As Morris County Freeholder Director, and on behalf of my fellow members on the county governing board, I thank all residents of our great county, the Number One County in New Jersey, for their great strength and perseverance in dealing with this unprecedented crisis.