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Posted Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Retiring after 37 Years of Exemplary Service to the County’s Youth

The Morris County Board of Freeholders has honored longtime Morris County 4-H Program Associate Kathleen Murarik with a special resolution of thanks and congratulations on her retirement, after 37 years with the 4-H program.

Murarik, who officially retires at the end of this week, began with 4-H on March 15, 1982. Since that time, she has served the Morris County 4-H Youth Development Program by organizing and leading events that support positive growth and development for the county’s youth, directly impacting some 7,000 4-H youth members during her career.

Kathy Murarik with Pete Nitzsche and Rachel Lyons

Kathy Murarik holds freeholder resolution at Nov. 15 4-H event, with (left) Morris County Agricultural Agent Pete Nitzsche and state 4-H Associate Director Rachel Lyons

“Kathy Murarik has been committed to building a strong sense of community and belonging for 4-H youth participants, and also for their parents, community members, and countless volunteers, with a goal of creating a supportive network through the county’s 4-H Youth Development Program,” the Freeholder Board stated in its resolution. “We congratulate her for a job well done on behalf of the youth and families of Morris County, and wish her the best in retirement.”

The veteran 4-H leader received her resolution when she was feted at the recent Morris County 4-H County Awards Night held in Whippany.

Youths holding a 4-H banner at the annual Morris County 4-H Fair

Youths holding a 4-H banner at the annual Morris County 4-H Fair

carnival rides at 4-H Fair

Carnival rides at 4-H Fair

Among her many achievements was the development of the New Jersey State 4-H Dog Show competition, which provided 4-H youths an opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge on the state-level.

She also was a leader in efforts to reinvigorate and expand the Morris County 4-H Fair from a small weekend event held at the Rockaway Townsquare mall into the current four-day, family fun event with amusement rides and fireworks combined with the traditional 4-H offerings that annually attracts 20,000 people from across the county and state. It is the only state-sanctioned county fair.

Her efforts on behalf of the Morris County 4-H Fair directly influenced Chester Township’s decision to enhance Chubb Park, adding a horse ring and secretary’s stand, improved electrical wiring, and overall resources available to the public.

4-H youth holding rooster

4-H youth holds prize winning pet

4-H youths with their animals at the annual fair

4-H youths with their animals at the annual fair