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Posted Thursday, October 17th, 2019

An energy utility that broke through portions of two county government owned roads in Montville for a recent upgrade project will be required to re-pave those roads in the spring.

County Roads in Montville to be Repaved in Spring by Utility

New Jersey Natural Gas Co. installed new, larger gas mains in Montville that run under portions of Changebridge Road and Main Road, and which have resulted in uneven road surfaces.

In the spring of 2020, once the disturbed sections of those roads fully settle, the utility will repave those county government owned roads at the company’s expense.

The utility also has an obligation to maintain the trench created by its project and to ensure that any major depressions are temporarily repaired until the permanent resurfacing is done.

“We intend to ensure that those roads, which were upgraded by the county a few years ago, are returned to perfect shape by the utility that caused this problem,’’ said Morris County Freeholder Tom Mastrangelo.

Freeholder Tom Mastrangelo

Freeholder Tom Mastrangelo

The natural gas project was required to enhance natural gas delivery for the customers within the township, replacing old steel gas mains with a new larger diameter plastic mains and service connections.

County government attempts to work with utility companies to coordinate the installation of infrastructure upgrades that impact county roads. There is a three-year moratorium on allowing utilities to open county roads for projects once they have been repaved, except for emergencies.

New Jersey Natural Gas met that requirement in the case of these Montville road openings.