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Posted Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

The state Department of Environmental Protection has determined that six Lake Hopatcong beaches can be reopened for swimming after test results have found that cynobacteria levels have dropped below the state’s health warning guidelines.

Based on this information, the DEP has authorized the local health departments to re-open Pebble Beach, Sand Harbor, Bass Rock Beach, Sperry Springs Beach, Beck Lane Beach and CAPP Beach, which are located from Byram Bay to Halsey Island in the lake’s northwest quarter. Also previously cleared for swimming and water recreation were Indian Harbor, Henderson Cove and Byram Cove.Lake Hopatcong: Six Beaches Cleared by State DEP for Swimming and Recreation

The waters in these six beach areas were declared safe for recreation after testing on Monday showed levels of cyanobacteria were under the state’s guidelines of 20,000 cells per milliliter: Pebble Beach at 18,625, Sand Harbor at 13,500, Bass Rock Beach at 17,250, Sperry Springs Beach at 9,750, Beck Lane Beach at 17,000, and CAPP Beach at 4,500.

Byram Bay Community Club Beach and Clearwater Beach remain closed to swimming, however, as a result of not having two subsequent samples below the health advisory guidance thresholds. Per state standards two consecutive samples must be below the state’s health advisory guidance thresholds to allow for reopening of a bathing area or facility.

The DEP urges the public to avoid swimming or water sports that may result in contact with the water, such as water-skiing, tubing, canoeing, paddle boarding and kayaking. There is no recommended limitation on fishing or passive recreational boating that does not have the potential for splashing.

However, fish caught should not be eaten. The public is further advised that pets should not be allowed in the water or to drink it.