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Posted Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Instills Life Values and Skills in Students to Inspire Next Generation of “Philanthropists in Training”

The Morris County School of Technology and nonprofit Main Street Philanthropy recently launched a unique partnership to create a dynamic, real world experience for students in the field of charitable giving and fundraising.

Morris County School of Technology Launches “Main Street Philanthropy Academy”

This 10-week process connected small groups of students, teacher, a Main Street Philanthropy ambassador, donors, and charities, all of whom will benefit from this collaboration.

Using donated funds and money they raised, students identified local charities whose missions align with their charitable passions. Working in small groups, students examined the organizations’ tax returns and evaluated their effectiveness in accomplishing their charitable purposes.

Yale Levey talks to the class.

Yale Levey is co-creator of the organization and Main Street Philanthropy Ambassador.

They interviewed officers and board members and then decided which organizations are having the greatest impact.  Eventually, they will deliver checks to those charities they feel are doing the best job in the community.

Spearheaded by Academy for Design teacher Kerrie Bellisario and English teacher Christine Hietanen, and Main Street Philanthropy ambassador Yale Levey (co-creator of the organization), this MCST program launched as part of a cutting-edge program spreading across the nation.

“Main Street Philanthropy gives our students an authentic learning opportunity to practice and hone 21st century skills–communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, while exploring real-world situations,” said Hietanen.

Students talk with Yale Levey.

Armed with the tools and training in this program, students were able to bring their desires to make a difference in their communities a reality,” said Bellisario.

Participating students said the program made an almost immediate impact on their lives and thinking, especially understanding that philanthropy is possible even without great wealth.

Levey explained the goal of the program is to help youths experience the joy of purposeful giving.

“We help address much of what is broken in the world today by providing an antidote for selfish me-first thinking,’’ said Levy.

MCTS students who participated in the program received valuable life skills in financial literacy, written and oral communication, community awareness, group collaboration and leadership, and gratitude.

About Morris County Vocational School District

Morris County School of Technology Launches “Main Street Philanthropy Academy”The Morris County School of Technology in Denville, part of the Morris County Vocational School District, ( offers full-time, four-year high school Academies and Share Time programs for high school juniors and seniors.

For more information on Main Street Philanthropy, visit:

About Yale Levey

Levey is a certified financial planner, chartered advisor in philanthropy, and owner of Next Generation Wealth Planning, a New Jersey based  “holistic wealth consulting firm’’ specializing in working with not-for-profit organizations, private foundations, charitable fund holders, individuals, families, and business owners.