Posted Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Due to a high adult mosquito population we will be treating to woods/floodplains behind the following locations via All-Terrain Vehicles on 6/7/2019 from 5:00AM-8:00AM

Parsippany Troy Hills:

Elm Ave

Lincoln Park:

Robertson Way, Gettysburg Way

In addition, we will be treating the following locations via Truck Mounted Sprayer from 7:00PM-10:00PM

Montville Twp:

Chapin Rd., Bloomfield Ave., Prospect Pl., Adamary Pl., Maple Ave., Margaret Dr., John St., Cindy Rd., Karen Rd., New Maple Ave., Maple Ave., Roe-Ri Rd., Marts Ln., Tamarack Ln., Spruce Ln., Effingham Low Ct., Hook Mountain Rd., Pine Brook Rd., Cole Ave., Clay Dr., Weldon Pl., Nicholas St., Willard Ln., Longview Dr., Beverly Dr., Midvale Ave., Peace Valley Rd.