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Posted Friday, March 1st, 2019

Please Clear Snow from Around Hydrants

The Morris County Office of Emergency Management will be monitoring the anticipated storm systems that are expected to enter our area over the weekend. The first storm system is expected to arrive later this evening into tomorrow.Morris County OEM logo

Current forecast data suggests we can expect a period of moderate-to-heavy snow. The current accumulation totals are estimated at two-to-five inches. The ultimate accumulation total is dependent on location, elevation, etc. Temperatures are expected to warm up above 32 degrees on Saturday with a potential refreeze overnight.

The 2nd storm system is expected to greet us Sunday afternoon into Monday morning with the possibility of two-to-four or three-to-six-inch accumulation totals. There is still uncertainty regarding the track of the storm system right now.

fire hydrant dug out from the snowIf the storm system heads further South, our area is expected to see all snow. If the storm system goes too far north, we may see more rain than snow. We will monitor the forecast data and provide an update as the track for the 2nd storm becomes more reliable.

Please help out our great firemen and firewomen who work diligently to protect all of us in our communities.

When shoveling, please shovel a 3-foot diameter around all fire hydrants so our fire personnel can to quickly connect their hoses to the hydrants in the event of a fire.

Stay safe