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Posted Saturday, January 19th, 2019

From Morris County OEM

Good afternoon,

As we continue to monitor the upcoming storm and prepare for our afternoon/evening ramp up, we are starting to see more consistency in the overall snowfall accumulations for our area, with a forecast reduction in snow totals by from 1-to-3 inches from  previous forecasts.Morris Storm Alert: 3:30 p.m. update

We may experience a few hours of moderate to heavy snow before it mixes with sleet/freezing rain wh0ich will fall on top of the snow, and which could make for some difficult shoveling and snow removal.

We also are seeing a potential rise in the overnight temperatures which will assist with the quick melting of potential ice accumulation overnight.

However, afternoon temperatures for tomorrow are still expected to drop below freezing which will promote the “flash freeze” concern that we mentioned in our earlier messaging.

Stay Safe!