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Posted Saturday, January 19th, 2019

From the Morris County Office of Emergency Management

The storm forecast continues to be complicated. We are expecting snow this afternoon/evening beginning around 4-5 p.m. and continuing through midnight, at which point we may see a switch to freezing rain and sleet. Moderate to heavy rain and then a freezing rain/snow mix will continue until mid-day Sunday.Morris County OEM logo

Some of the models have decreased snow totals to 2 to-5 inches, while others are holding with 3-to-6 inches.” We also may see ice totals of up to a quarter inch.

Timing and amounts can and probably will change, moving forward, so keep that in mind (icing could occur longer). Regardless, we expect that we will have a high risk of a flash freeze Sunday morning due to rain followed by sharply falling temperatures.

Temperatures will be all over the place: In the 30’s today through tomorrow morning (but for any ice timing you can infer a temperature of about 30-32 degrees), dropping into the 20s Sunday afternoon, then down to a low of 8 degrees on Sunday night.

Morris County Storm UpdateHere is our public concern for Sunday:  when you look out and see that the snow has tapered off and the roadways appear drivable, the roads may be covered in ice and that is where we (first responders) potentially may see issues escalate with increased motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

Morris County road crews will aggressively be taking care of our roadways, by plowing, salting etc. That does not, however, that you should get into a vehicle and drive.

We all need to be vigilant and maintain a good situational awareness of all of the weather conditions. We all need to pay attention to the temperatures and refreeze issues and be smart about any possible travel plans that may be best to be placed on a temporary hold until it is safe.

Be smart, stay warm and be safe!