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Posted Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is Key Park of Borough Historic District

The Morris County Board of Freeholders last night honored St. Peter’s Episcopal Church of Mountain Lakes for its historic preservation efforts with a county preservation plaque to honor the 92-year-old church and 102-year-old church rectory, which are important factors in the Borough’s history.

Morris Freeholders Award Historic Marker for Mountain Lakes Site

St. Peter’s in Mountain Lakes is a contributing resource to the Mountain Lakes National Register Historic District.

St. Peter’s, which is located on the Boulevard in Mountain Lakes, is a contributing resource to the Mountain Lakes National Register Historic District.

The Gothic Revival Church was built in 1926. The rectory dates to 1916.

Accepting the historic marker last night at the Board of Freeholders’ county government meeting held in Mountain Lakes was Mr. Don McGowan, Senior Warden for St. Peter’s Episcopal Church of Mountain Lakes.

Historic restoration work done so far at St. Peter’s has been financed partly by the Morris County Historic Preservation Grant Program.

“The excellent preservation work done at St. Peter’s has helped to preserve the historic character of Mountain Lakes,’’ said Freeholder Director Doug Cabana. “It is a prime example of why the county has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to challenge a state court ban on awarding county historic preservation grants to religious institutions.

In Morris County, we want to preserve all of our historical sites, including our magnificent houses of worship, some of which date back to the 1700s and were designed by the leading architects of their time.’’

Morris Freeholders Award Historic Marker for Mountain Lakes Site

Morris County Freeholders present a historic marker to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Senior  Warden Don McGowan during their meeting in Mountain Lakes on Oct. 10.

Morris County Historic Preservation Program Coordinator Ray Chang provided details of the Mountain Lakes project:

  • The Gothic Revival church was erected in 1926. The Rectory is a Hapgood residence constructed with Craftsman style influences in 1916.
  • The buildings are contributing resources in the Mountain Lakes National Register Historic District, which is a planned residential park that contain one of the largest and most distinguished collections of Craftsman style homes in a suburban park and lake community in the nation.
  • The church serves as a center for community activities. Besides housing its ministries, the buildings and property provide for a pre-school program, faith kitchen, and provide space for the Mental Health Association of Morris County, the Choral Consortium and the Golden Larks Cultural Group, among others.
  • With assistance from Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund grants totaling more than $287,000, the church has successfully completed a preservation plan, and a slate roof replacement project.

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