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Posted Monday, August 6th, 2018

Morris County CrimeStoppers Needs Your Help — Reward Offered

Crimestoppers' Reward Offered for Info on Denville Car BurglariesThe Denville Township Police are seeking help on identifying the person in the photos below in regards to a motor vehicle theft and several car burglaries.

We are asking anyone that may have information to contact The Morris County Sheriff’s CrimeStoppers at:

973-COP-CALL or

Use the free “P3 Tips” app on any mobile device


Crimestoppers' Reward Offered for Info on Denville Car Burglaries

YOU could receive a REWARD up to $1,000.00.

Crimestoppers' Reward Offered for Info on Denville Car Burglaries

Over the past month, there has been a rash of early morning motor vehicle burglaries and thefts across Morris County, with the burglars and thieves at work while most residents are asleep, according to Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon.

Most of these incidents are occurring between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., with criminals targeting cars parked in driveways or streets. In some cases, residents may be away on summer vacations. Few of the county’s municipalities have been spared from the break-ins and thefts.

In many cases, say authorities, multiple individuals travel into our communities in one or more vehicles checking for easy pickings: Unlocked cars.  Suspects rummage through the open vehicles to locate valuables, with an eye out for key fobs (keyless car entry devices) or garage door openers.

The key fob is a criminal’s gateway to your vehicle. A stolen garage door opener is the gateway to your home. A stolen purse or wallet opens the door not just to your credit or money, but also to identity theft.

Authorities also have found that some of those stolen vehicles taken from Morris County in recent months have been used in the commission of violent crimes before being recovered.

Crimestoppers' Reward Offered for Info on Denville Car BurglariesUse common sense when parking and exiting your vehicle:

  • Take your vehicle’s key; do not leave it in or on your vehicle.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors when you park.
  • Park in well-lit areas if possible.
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle, especially if they can be seen from outside the vehicle, and that includes GPS units, cell phones, iPads, and laptops.