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Posted Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Bike commuters pedaled nearly 10,000 miles during May event

Nearly 150 commuters embraced a more sustainable commute in May by trading in their car keys for pedals as part of TransOptions’ annual Bike to Work Challenge. The challenge wrapped up on Thursday, May 31, after a month of participants incorporating a bike ride into their commute. In total, participants took 1,379 trips, and biked 9,734 miles. The Bike to Work Challenge concurred with National Bike Month.

Christopher Buck of Morristown on bicycle

Miles Master Christopher Buck of Morristown pedaled 832 miles during May.

“The Bike to Work Challenge continues to grow each year and one of the contributing factors is the culture around cycling has changed,” said Justin Jenkins TransOptions’ Program Specialist. “It seems more people are recognizing cycling is not just recreational, that it can be used as a mode of transportation and alternative to sitting in traffic.”

The free, friendly competition offers both expert and beginner bicycle riders an extra reason to bike ride during the spring in addition to decreasing stress, traffic congestion, and vehicle emissions. Through TransOptions’ GoForGood app, riders tracked their bicycle commute trips and miles from May 1st to May 31st. Participants who joined the challenge were entered to win prizes in seven different categories: Trip Master, Miles Master, Team Prize, Resolute Riders, Rookie Riders, the Role Model Challenge, and a weekly raffle.

Morris roads a bit less congested thanks to TransOptions' Bike-To-Work Challenge

“I participated in the challenge because the prize incentives, camaraderie, and spirit of competition all help motivate me to make some sacrifices and ride into work instead of driving or motorcycling. The ride also gives me a boost of energy in the morning and provides cardio as well as muscle-building exercise. Lastly, the practice lowers my pollution contribution as well as fuel and car repair expenditures,” said Edi Poinescu of ThorLabs, winner of the Trip Master category.

Morris roads a bit less congested thanks to TransOptions' Bike-To-Work Challenge

Simon Hwang of Sussex County

“I’ve been riding bikes since I was 5 years old; that’s 50 years of cycling. I just love bicycles, and riding back and forth to work five days a week allows me to squeeze in some more time on the bike. It’s the best part of my day; especially the early morning rides to work when I leave my house at 5:30 AM. The quietness of the predawn hours are special to me. It’s a nice time to contemplate life,” said Christopher Buck of Atlantic Health System, winner of the Miles Master category.

Morris County Planning Director Christine Marion rode in the challenge and was a weekly winner.

2018 Winners:

Trip Master- Edi Poinescu with 56 trips

Miles Master- Christopher Buck with 832 miles

Team Prize- Thorlabs with 168 trips (About 34 trips per rider)

Resolute Riders- Karen Leatherdale with 50 trips, Kent Lucas 46 trips, Jim Smith 42 trips, Carol Dunn 40 trips, Dean Sanginari, Rebecca Karger, and Alex Sperling with 38 trips each, Geoff Thomas 36 trips, and Jeff Stanton and Simon Hwang with 34 trips each.

Rookie Riders- Rebecca Karger with 38 trips, and J Ray with 219 miles

Role Model Challenge- Jim Smith with About 80 Photos and All 16 Categories

“We thank all of our sponsors of the Bike to Work Challenge in addition to our participants for supporting a program that aims to improve the mobility and health of northern New Jersey,” said Dan Callas TransOptions’ President. “The challenge continues to reduce single occupancy rides, take cars off congested New Jersey roadways, and encourage any and all riders to choose two wheels over four.”

TransOptions 2018 sponsors for the Bike to Work Challenge included REI Co-op, Thorlabs, Inc., and Morris Area Freewheelers Bicycle Club, Inc. For more information on the results of the 2018 Bike to Work Challenge, visit or call TransOptions at (973) 267-7600.