Posted Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Due to a high adult mosquito population, we will be treating the woods/floodplains at the following locations via All-Terrain Vehicle from 5:00AM-8:00AM

Long Hill:

Main St. Ext.

Lincoln Park:

River Edge Rd., Chapel Hill Rd.

In addition, we will be treating the following locations via truck mounted sprayers from 7:00PM-11:00PM

Florham Park:

Rever Rd., Myrtle Ave., Heritage Rd., Summit Rd., Nottingham Dr., Rosemont Hills Dr., Overlook Dr., Cherokee Tr., Drift Way., Indian Way., Mann Ave., Florham Ave., Pinch Brook Dr., Park St., Hearthwood Dr., Quail Run, Partridge Ln., Pheasant Way., Willow Way., Birch Ln., First St., Thayer Ct., Gengung Ct., Allerton Ct., Welsh Dr., Murphy Cir., Farr Ln., Townsend Dr., Kenwood Ln., Old Mill Rd., Hancock Dr., East Madison Ave., Dellwood Dr., Woodbine Rd., Timber Ct., Rustic Ct., Puddingstone Way., Annabelle Ln., Luveys Dr., Hushes Ct., Brandywyne Dr., Beechwood Rd., Elmwood Rd., Sherbrook Dr., Joyce Ct., Milten Ave., Brooklake Rd.

Hanover Twp.:

Troy Hills Rd., Reynolds Ave., Highland Ave., Parsippany Rd., Bee Meadow Pkwy., Jefferson Rd., Vail Rd., Handzel Rd., Alanon St., Bershire St., Kensington Ct., Glendbrook Rd., Cambridge St., Dorchester St., Beekman Pl., Fenwick Rd., Buckingham Rd., North Pond Rd., Baldwin Ct., Howell St., Clay St., Pond Rd., Washington Ave., Lionel Pl., Kearney Ave., Gloria Ave., Kearney Ave., Joseph St., Marlin Dr., Lefie Ln., John St., Hillcrest Rd., Fischer Pl., Louis St., Sherry Ln., Branford Rd., Addie Ln., Behren’s Drive., Andrew Rd., Polhemus Terr., Hubert St., Cortright Rd., Baird Pl., Glenn Pl., Grove Pl., Beaumont Pl., Woodcrest Rd., Anna Terr., Griffith Dr., S. Beaumont Pl., Leamoor Dr., Frank Terr., Kathryn Dr., Seamount Dr., Black Brook Dr., Manchester Dr., Rummymede Ct., Sunset Dr.