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Posted Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Unique Course to Train the Trainer 

Morris Sheriff: Verbal Judo Instructor Course for Law Enforcement and Criminal JusticeA special five-day Verbal Judo Instructor Course, specifically geared to law enforcement and criminal justice personnel, will be held at the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy in Parsippany on the week of Sept. 10-14.

Sponsored by the Morris County Sheriff’s Office, the course — billed as the “Original Tactical Communication Program” — will be hosted by instructor Doug Haig, vice president and senior national instructor trainer for the Verbal Judo Institute, Inc.

Verbal Judo Training is an opportunity to learn life-changing skills to prevent potential conflicts from escalating out of control.

It offers police working the streets, first responders and others the tools needed to increase of positive outcomes, thereby keeping complaints to a minimum. Tactical training can reduce the threat conflict and violence, and resultant litigation.

Morris Sheriff: Verbal Judo Instructor Course for Law Enforcement and Criminal JusticeAccording to the Sheriff’s Office, “There are cameras and recording devices everywhere!   In-car cameras, body-worn cameras, cell phone cameras, all recording police interactions.  It is not enough to be good, or to look good, you must sound good, or NO GOOD!  Verbal Judo gives police the way to accomplish their professional objectives through tactical verbal techniques.”

The five-day course is a certification and re-certification program for law enforcement and criminal justice personnel only.

Class time each day will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (0800 to 1600). The dress code for all students is either a department uniform or a collared shirt and dress slacks.

The cost is $1,495 per person for instructor certification and $1,195 for re-certification, plus the cost of transportation, lodging and meals. Attendees must be sponsored by their law enforcement agencies.

For more information call 800-448-1042 or [email protected]. You may also reach out to Lt. Mark Chiarolanza at 973-285-6644 and [email protected].