Posted Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Due to high adult mosquito populations we will be spraying using all terrain vehicles at the following locations from 5:30AM-12:00PM.

Wharton: Harry Shupe Blvd., Overlook Dr.

Long Hill: Western Blvd., Heritage Rd., Rainbow Dr., Main St., Ext.

In addition we will be using truck mounted sprayers at the following locations from 4:30AM-7:30AM

Lincoln Park: Skyline Dr., Noelle Ct., Kerri Way., Christopher Ct., Jeremy Ct., Cedar Grove Ln., Undercliff Ln., Erin Way., Ryan Ln., Hunter Rd., Spring Grove Ln., Brightwood Rd., Ferndale Ln., Toms Pt., Gettysburg Way., Robertson Way., Pinebrook Rd.

East Hanover: Ridgedale Ave., Klinger Rd., Chicjon Ln., Dorrian Terr., Daira Ct., Olympia Dr., Edgemont Rd., Gregory Ln., Brookline Ave., Jacklyn Dr., Willow Pl., Troy Pl., East Harvest Ave., Harvest Ave., Troy Pl., Balsa Ave., Callahan St., Peach Tree Ave., Cottage Pl., Homestead Ave., Maple Ave., Maple Ct., Wallace St., Orchard Pl., Wildwood Ave., Lent St., Kimble Pl., Garden St., Grove Ave., Barnida Dr., Goldblatt Terr., Gail Dr., Petry Dr., Ronald Dr., Weaver Pl., Ward Pl., Troy Rd., Kahl Rd., Schoener Rd., Highland Rd., Melrose Rd., Highview Rd., Groah Rd., Norwood Rd., Lorie Dr., Louis St., Jackson St., John St., Angela Ct., Daniel Dr., Kane Pl., Shanley Ave., River Rd., Overlook Ave., Birchwood Ct., Fox Run Dr., Dartmoor Rd., Coventry Ct., Sussex Ln., Andover Ln., Windsor Way, Heritage Dr., Caitlyn Ct., Merry Ln., Georgian Ct., Lincoln St., Morgan St., Michael Ln., Charles Ln., Fairway Dr., Banker Rd., Golf Ln., Green Dr., Samuel St., Mitchell Ave., Herman ST., Hugenot St., Rohn St., PReston Ave., Canfield Rd., Terhune St., Surrey Ln., Lee Pl., Knollwood Dr., Knollcroft Terr., Robert Dr., Emanuel St., Reimann Dr., Natalie Ct., Lucianna Ln., Maureen Rd., Sabina Terr.

In Additon we will be using truck mounted sprayers at the following location from 10:00AM-11:00AM

Parsippany Troy-Hills: Edwards Rd. (Sewer Plant)