Posted Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Due to a high adult mosquito population, weather permitting, we will be treating the woods/flood plains at the following locations from 5:30AM-12:00PM using an all terrain vehicle. We will also be doing one truck mounted spraying at the noted locations.

Montville Twp.: John St., Chapin Rd., Rathban Rd., Horseneck Rd.

Lincoln Park: Riveredge Rd., Sycamore Ave., Gettysberg Way (ATV) Gettysberg way, Pinebrook Rd. (Truck)

Pequannock: Robert Pl.

Wharton: Harry Shupe Blvd., Overlook Dr.

East Hanover: Eagle Rock Rd. (ATV) Phydlan Rd. (Backpack)

Long Hill: Western Blvd., Heritage Rd., Rainbow Dr., Main St. Ext.

We will also be using truck mounted sprayers to treat the following locations from 7:00PM-11:00PM

Montville Twp.: Peace Valley Rd., Hewlett Rd., Pepper RD., Pomona Ave., Hillcrest Ave., Cedar Rd., Woodhill Rd., Liberty Ln., Spring Ave., Adams Way, Beverly Dr., Midvale Ave., Longview Dr., Willard Ln., Nicholas St., Wildon Pl., Foremost Rd., Cloud Dr., Highview Ct., Green Ridge Dr., Stone Hedge Ct., Peachtree Dr., Elaine Dr., Peachtree Ct., Deerhill Dr., Fawn Dr., Sunset Ct., Montgomery Ave., York St., Westminster Dr., Underwood Rd., Lee Ct., Valleyview Dr., Coppola Ct., Clay Dr., Stephen Dr., Jothan Rd., Craig Ct., Eberhart Ct., Crest Terr., Tara Ln.

East Hanover: Mt. Pleasant Ave., Selmar Terr., Hanover Rd., Lisa Ln., Ora Ct., Farinella Dr., Hillside Dr., Fieldstone Ct., Anita Dr., Lauretta Ct., Bernadette Ct., Mar Hill Ct., Helen Ct., Oakwood Rd., Ridge Dr., Belmont Dr., Timberhill Dr., Tremont Dr., Tuscan Dr., Tower Rd., Tanglewood Dr., Trinity Pl., Tilden Dr., Silver Spring Ct., Silverspring Rd., Country Club Ln., Valleyview Dr., Oak Lawns, Berkeley Ct., Nina Dr., Elkton Terr., Tiffany Dr., Great Meadow Ln., Carolyn Ct., Yvette Dr., Kristi Dr., heather Dr., Ridgedale Ave., Parkside Dr., Colonial Way, Brentwood Dr., Afton Terr., Sheldon Ct., Alexis Ct., Alexanderia Dr., Dianna Dr., Kimberly Ct.

Florham Park: Ridgedale Ave., James St., Hanover Rd., Vreeland Rd., Fernwood Rd., Crescent Rd., Decker Ln., Cory Rd., Hopping Ln., Gregory Dr., Midwood Dr., Shetland Rd., Lauri Dr., Brooklake Rd., Burnside Ave., Rever Rd., Kenneth Ct., Myrtle Ave., Laurel Ave., Heritage Rd., Nottingham Dr., Hills Dr., Summit Rd., Drift way., Overlook Dr., Cherokee Tr., Mann Ave., Florham Ave., Brook Dr.