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Posted Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Morris County OEM logoAs we approach the weekend, we want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all of our partners who made the operations of the Morris County Office of Emergency Management’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) a success in dealing with the significant impact on Morris County from Winter Storm Riley and Winter Storm Quinn.

As Morris County Sheriff Jim Gannon stated in one of our recent meetings, “We do it right here in Morris County,” and I could not agree more.

We have great leadership and support from Morris County Administrator John Bonanni and Assistant County Administrator Deena Leary, our Morris County Freeholders, Department Directors, Emergency Support Function (ESF) representatives, and a very dedicated OEM team. We are very fortunate to have this level of support and resources to get the job done for the public that we serve.

To our Municipal OEM Coordinators, Municipal Police Chiefs, Municipal Administrators, School Superintendents, and many others that we regularly interacted with throughout the storm, we thank you for participating in our various conference calls and taking the time to interact with us while we prioritized countywide issues from the EOC. With solid and accurate information at the local level, we were able to make sound decisions at the county level.

We are extremely grateful to the JCP&L EOC team, Human Services, County Roads, Shade Tree and the County Garage staff (who worked tirelessly to keep our vehicles in service), American Red Cross, Medical Reserve Corps, County Emergency Response Team (CERT), EMS, Fire Mutual Aid Coordinators, the New Jersey State Police Office of Emergency Management, and the many volunteers who served within their respective communities while many of their families were home without power.

To our Communications and Digital Media team for consistently keeping the public informed, thank you.

Thank You To Storm Response Partners -- Could Not Have Done It Without All of You!To Sheriff Gannon, his phenomenal command and support staff, and the Morris County Sheriff’s Trends And Analysis Team (MCSTAT); all of whom showed up to staff our EOC 24/7 throughout the storms and deployed resources to support local issues as well as the transportation of medical personnel to their assigned hospitals, dialysis patients to their treatment facilities.

The partnership we have is one that most organizations only hope to achieve. To the Morris County Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) members who were out in the storm cutting down trees on major roadways so emergency vehicles could get through, participating in emergency rescue efforts, and remaining mobile and available to respond when needed, we thank you.Thank You To Storm Response Partners -- Could Not Have Done It Without All of You!

To the Morris County Park Police who assisted us at the EOC and retained operators for their specialty vehicles to move resources throughout the county when conditions warranted, we can’t tell you how appreciative we are for the assistance of your team during the height of each storm and very dangerous road conditions.

Due to the efforts of officers from both the Morris County Sheriff’s Office and Morris County Park Police, tragic circumstances were avoided across the county.

Thank You To Storm Response Partners -- Could Not Have Done It Without All of You!To the backbone of the emergency response system, the phenomenal staff of the Morris County Communications Center, you are a credit to your Division. I know that the same shift (with additional operators working OT) who worked diligently during Winter Storm Riley also was on duty when Winter Storm Quinn struck the county. Your efforts were remarkable.

I had the honor of watching, first-hand, the professional conduct throughout both storms. Each of you should be proud of your professionalism and commitment to our community. You make a profound and meaningful difference in the lives of human beings, every day, and simple words cannot express the importance or value of your work.

All in all, the success of our operations was built on the foundation of a unified county team from all disciplines and divisions as well as our outside partners coming together to form one cohesive team for one common purpose – Public Service.

Together Everyone Achieves More… and WE DID!

God bless each and every one of you for what you do every day for our residents.

And to our residents, thank you for your cooperation and for persevering during the storm.


Be safe,

Jeffrey S. Paul, Director, Office of Emergency Management

Morris County Dept. of Law & Public Safety