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Posted Monday, March 19th, 2018

Chester Schools Deal with It’s nothing new that screen time is having a major impact on kids, from negatives like cyber bullying and depression, to positives like creativity and education.

But the Chester School District wants to make sure that parents are fully in the loop with obstacles their kids face and issues posed by technology that affects their children educationally and socially.

On Tuesday, March 20, students at Black River Middle School will watching a film entitled “Screenagers.” This documentary digs into the personal lives of families and details the impact that technology has on kids and the family unit. Check it out at  www.screenagersmovie.com.

Tomorrow evening, parents of the middle school students are invited to watch the film, to get a deeper dive into just how much screen time is impacting their children and their families as a whole.

It’s an interesting program being put on by the school district, connecting parents and students to deal with a bit of an epidemic that is technology.

For more information on the program, contact the Chester School District at (908) 879-7373