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Posted Friday, December 1st, 2017

A combination of a lane marking changes combined with the installation of new traffic signals has caused traffic delays on Boonton Turnpike (Route 202) in the Comly Road to Main Road area of Lincoln Park over the past two days, and may result in some lesser delays through early next week.

Morris Roads: Lincoln Park Road Striping and Traffic Signal Project to Cause Some Traffic DelaysThe project contractor is scheduled to finish the pavement markings today and tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 2), and the new signals are scheduled to become operational on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

County officials apologize to persons who have been delayed in traffic due to the road and signal work, and assure you this is a very short-term issue.

The new traffic signals will operate on demand, changing to green and varying the length of green time based on the number of vehicles on the intersection approaches.

The existing signals are running fixed time and change to green for the side streets regardless of whether any vehicles are present on those side streets. That is what caused severe delays on Thursday night.

The county’s chief engineer and his staff have been in Lincoln Park today to observe the situation and make signal-timing changes as needed.  However, some delays may persist until the new traffic signals are turned on next week.

Additionally, county officials are aware that Comly Road was misspelled on new road signs that recently were installed. Those signs have been removed and new signs, with the proper spellings, soon will be installed. The project contractor made that spelling error, which will be corrected at no cost to the county and our taxpayers.

Again, we hope to have the issue much improved by the middle of next week.