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Posted Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Flanders-Drakestown Road Bridge Project Nears Completion in Mount Olive

Repair work to the deck of the 88-year-old, dual-lane bridge on Main Street, or Route 511, in Butler, has been postponed until the spring due to cold weather, which could have negatively affected the quality of work.

photo showng cracked asphalt on Butler bridge

Butler bridge

The project calls for specialty products to make repairs that could be negatively impacted by cold temperatures, and removing asphalt during the late fall could be a problem with the constant possibility of snow.

The bridge, officially known as County Bridge Number 1400-143, is heavily used. It carries about 11,000 vehicles daily over the Pequannock River. It has gradually deteriorated due to heavy use and the effect of road salt applied each winter

Built in 1929, the existing structure length is 81-feet long and 66-feet wide.

It is a two-span, pre-stressed concrete beam structure with asphalt pavement. Due to water seepage from cracks in the roadway, the pre-stressed concrete beams are deteriorating with the salt build up.

Deck rehabilitation will consist of removing the asphalt and applying a waterproofing membrane.

photo of the ld Flanders-Drakestown Road bridge that is being replaced

The old Flanders-Drakestown Road bridge that is being replaced

The contractor for this project is Diaco Contracting, Inc. dba Grade Construction of Paterson, in a letter to the county, has agreed to hold the bid construction price of $128,779 through the spring. The project is financed by Morris County tax dollars.

Meanwhile, in Mount Olive, replacement of the 117-year-old Flanders-Drakestown Road Bridge is due for completion by the end of this month.

The bridge, built in 1900, has a daily traffic flow of about 950 vehicles. It also is a conduit for school buses heading to and from the high school and intermediary school in Mount Olive.