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Posted Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

24-Hour Event Open to All Morris County High School Students

MCST Offers 24-Hour

previous MCST hackathon

The Morris County School of Technology is hosting “hackMCST III’’ from Saturday, Dec.9 at 10 a.m. to Sunday, Dec.10, ending at 10:00 am. The hackathon will be take place at the MCST, 400 East Main St, Denville.

The hackMCST III event is the first 24-hour high school hackathon held in the Morris County, and founded by high school students to empower high school students.

photo of students working on project in previous MCST hackathon

previous MCST hackathon

The 24-hour event challenges high school students to make their ideas a reality, whether creating apps, video games, networks, hardware invention, or anything else imagines, and to expand their skills and grow as developers.

Beginners will have the opportunity to attend workshops in areas such as app development, circuitry, Java programming, and web development.

Students can work alone or in teams of up to four persons to create their ideas. Projects will be demonstrated at the end of the event on Sunday, and judges will select the top 3 projects to win amazing prizes.

The event is free for all participants, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, snacks, and swag! Also, a free T-shirt for everyone attending.

No matter what age, skill, or interest, hackMCST has something for everyone! From talks to workshops, it will engage every participant.

To register or for more information, please visit hackmcst.tech.