Public Invited to Hear About and Discuss the Results

Tonight, Monday, Nov. 13, Dr. Fred Lubnow of Princeton Hydro will present the 2017 Lake Hopatcong water quality monitoring results at the Lake Hopatcong Commission meeting.  The open public meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Mount Arlington Civic Center, 7 Fern Road.

Lake Hopatcong: 2017 Water Quality Monitoring Results Unveiled Tonight
Dr. Fred Lubnow

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation and the Lake Hopatcong Commission provided joint funding for the water quality monitoring program this year.  Princeton Hydro conducts the water quality monitoring at eleven stations on Lake Hopatcong from May through September.

According to the report, during the 2017 growing season, the mechanical weed harvesting program at Lake Hopatcong removed 3,872 cubic yards of wet plant biomass. That resulted in removing 80 poundss of Total Phosphorus (TP) or 1.1 percent of the TP load targeted for removal in Lake Hopatcong.Lake Hopatcong: 2017 Water Quality Monitoring Results Unveiled Tonight

The 80 pounds of TP removed in 2017 had the potential to generate up to 88,546 lbs of additional wet algal biomass.

The report also indicated this was one of the highest percentages of TP removed through harvesting since 2010 when approximately 6 percent of the TP was removed through harvesting.

The 2017 Water Quality Report is available on the LHF Water Quality Monitoring webpage.