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Posted Friday, October 27th, 2017

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, officers of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Bronx, N.Y. man and charged him with Defrauding the Administration of a Drug Test at the Morris County Courthouse complex.

Morris County Sheriff's badgeAlfred Mota, 20, of the Bronx, was providing a urine specimen for screening as a condition of his probation requirements.  A court services officer discovered that Mota was in possession of a device specifically designed to defraud a urine screen.

The device consisted of a pouch containing yellow liquid, a hose and a jar containing yellow liquid.

“The Morris County Sheriff’s Office will continue to assist the Morris/Sussex Probation Division in any way we can to assure proper procedures are followed,” said Sheriff James Gannon. “Protecting the reliability and integrity of the drug testing process is essential to the criminal justice system and the judicial process.”

Mota was charged on a complaint summons and released pending a future court date.