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Posted Thursday, October 12th, 2017


Work is set to start next week on repairs to the deck of the 88-year-old, dual-lane bridge on Main Street, or Route 511, in Butler, which has gradually deteriorated due to heavy use and the effect of road salt applied each winter.

(l/r) photos show cracks in roadway on bridge and underside deterioration

(l/r) photo shows cracks in roadway on Butler bridge

The bridge, officially known as County Bridge Number 1400-143, is heavily used. It carries about 11,000 vehicles daily over the Pequannock River.

Built in 1929, the existing structure length is 81-feet long and 66-feet wide.

It is a two-span, pre-stressed concrete beam structure with asphalt pavement. Due to water seepage from cracks in the roadway, the pre-stressed concrete beams are deteriorating with the salt build up.

Deck rehabilitation will consist of removing the asphalt and applying a waterproofing membrane.

(l/r) photos show underside deterioration

(l/r) photo shows underside deterioration of Butler bridge

Construction is scheduled to start next Thursday, Oct. 19. It should take a minimum of 30 calendar days to complete.

The contractor for this project is Diaco Contracting, Inc. dba Grade Construction of Paterson, NJ. The bid construction cost is $128,779, financed by Morris County tax dollars.

Meanwhile, the county also has begun two other bridge projects in other parts of the county.

In Hanover Township, major repairs are underway to a heavily used but deteriorating bridge on Ridgedale Avenue in Hanover Township, near the Walmart shopping center.

This small but important bridge, which runs over a tributary to the Whippany River at the junction with Frederick Place, carries about 24,400 vehicles each day on a route that connects Route 10 and Morristown.

In Mount Olive, the 117-year-old Flanders-Drakestown Road Bridge is being replaced by Morris County. The bridge, built in 1900, has a daily traffic flow of about 950 vehicles. It also is a conduit for school buses heading to and from the high school and intermediary school in Mount Olive.