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Posted Wednesday, August 9th, 2017


Moris County Freeholders road resurfacing signsPhase two of Morris County’s aggressive 2017 road resurfacing program has begun this week with the start of a 2.8-mile paving project on Berkshire Valley Road in Jefferson, and with projects on South Hillside Avenue in Roxbury and Fairmount Avenue in Washington Township also slated to start this month.

Also on the agenda over the next two months will be resurfacing of a 3.4-mile segment of Valley Road in Long Hill – a road suffering from extensive wear and a water company project that tore up parts of the road. The freeholders today approved a contract for the project, which is expected to be done in September.

In addition, the freeholders awarded contracts today for resurfacing of Parsippany Road in Parsippany and Hanover, Whippany Road in Hanover, Powerville Road in Boonton Township, and West Main Street/Hawkins Place in Boonton.

To see the complete list of currently scheduled 2017 county paving projects, visit: work sign

  • Berkshire Valley Road, Jefferson: The 2.8-mile project will run from Blue Road to near Manor Drive. Topline Construction of Somerville is the contractor. The bid price is $708,167. The project includes storm basin work, ADA ramps, milling, paving, and striping. The contractor has 20 working days (in good weather) to complete the work. Work will take place from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Police will assist with traffic control. Motorists should expect travel delays.
  • South Hillside Avenue, Roxbury: The 2.6-mile project will run from Eyland Avenue to Route 10. Topline Construction of Somerville will be the contractor. The bid price is $534,147. The project, scheduled to start on Aug. 14, includes storm basin work, milling, paving and striping. Work is expected to occur from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Motorists should expect traffic delays. The contractor has 20 working days (in good weather) to complete the work.
  • Fairmount Road, Washington Township: The 1.3-mile project will run from West Mill Road to Highland Avenue. Topline Construction will be the contractor. The bid price is $354,166. The project, scheduled to start on Aug. 28, will include storm basin work, milling, paving, and striping. Work is expected to occur from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Motorists should expect traffic delays and possible detours. The contractor has 20 working days (in good weather) to complete the work.

Overall, the Morris County Board of Freeholders’ aggressive county road resurfacing effort has targeted upgrades to some 32 miles of county roads across 15 municipalities at a total cost of about $9 million in 2017.

photo of Freeholder John Cesaro

Freeholder John Cesaro

“We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our county road network, which is vital to our residents and businesses,’’ said Freeholder John Cesaro. “A first-rate road network is a key factor in helping to maintain the high quality of life for our county residents.’’

Portions of county roads on the 2017 paving schedule are located in Boonton, Boonton Township, Chatham Township, Dover, Hanover, Jefferson, Lincoln Park, Long Hill, Montville, Pequannock, Morristown, Morris Township, Morristown, Parsippany, Randolph, Roxbury, and Washington Township. This effort is in addition to any ongoing or planned local or state road-improvement projects.

Some of the more extensive work will include portions of Boonton Turnpike in Lincoln Park, Valley Road in Long Hill, Whippany Road in Hanover, Hillside Avenue in Roxbury, Meyersville Road in Long Hill and Chatham Township, and Powerville Road in Boonton Township.Road Paving image

The 2017 county paving program is a continuation of the Freeholder Board’s priority policy over the past several years of maintaining the county’s high quality road network.

Efforts have been made to coordinate contractors’ schedules and road work with municipalities, school districts, and utilities.

“We are working with our contractors to schedule the road work to cause minimum inconvenience possible, but there are going to be times when we just have to ask our residents to be patient and seek alternate routes during the work,’’ said Freeholder Cesaro.

Bicycling road signUpcoming road closures and detours will be properly signed and coordinated with the local police departments for all of the projects. Bicyclists are urged to seek other routes during this construction period

For 2017, the freeholders have allocated $5.1 million in the county’s capital budget for paving, combined with nearly $3.9 million in anticipated state funding to finance paving projects. The county also is advancing projects for roads not paved, as expected, in 2016 due to delays caused by a state government stalemate over financing of the State Transportation Trust Fund.

Completed 2017 county resurfacing projects include portions of:

  • James Street: Morristown and Morris Twp.;
  • Jacksonville Road: Montville, Lincoln Park, and Pequannock;
  • Mountain Ave: Long Hill;
  • Loantaka Way: Chatham Twp.;
  • Myrtle Ave: Boonton;
  • Prospect Street/Reservoir Avenue: Boonton and Randolph

IMPORTANT NOTE ON DOVER: The town requested that work on segments of East Blackwell and West Blackwell streets be delayed until 2018 for municipal reasons due to ongoing development projects.