Posted Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

A Magical Day for Families — Bring the Kids (important: Pre-registration Required. $30 fee) 

photo of young girls dressed in fairy costumes. The girls attended a previous Fairies in the Garden event

Two young participants enjoy a previous day of Fairies in the Garden

On Sunday, June 25, at 1 p.m., the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morris Township hosts its annual Fairy Day for fairy believers to design and build their own fairy houses to welcome these wee folks into the garden. After all, these tiny spirits need shelter during their stay!

Upon arrival, you are escorted by a winged helper to a reserved site along the garden paths where you can craft a unique and personalized mini-fairy home. While you are expressing your creativity building a unique fairy-home, take a break and enjoy a free lemonade and a tasty snack, or make a fairy-themed craft to take home.

You can also decorate your own tiny fairy boat to float on the water, play games on the lawn, and hunt for hidden fairy doors in the gardens to win a prize.  Join in the fun as traditional maypole dancers lead you through this age-old ritual.

All building supplies, including bark, branches, lichens, mosses, feathers, stones, and leaves are provided. If you prefer, bring your own building supplies, as long as they are all natural. Fairies shun manmade materials.CCM logo, which states "Enjoy the Experience''

At 3 p.m., when all the houses are completed, join in a colorful, musical procession around the gardens to marvel at the finished projects. Wear your own fairy finery, if you like!

photo shows a Fairy House at a previous Fairies in the Garden event. House sits at the base of a tree.

Fairy House at a previous Fairies in the Garden event

Fairy Day is a day for fairies, magic, and wishes to come true. On this magical day, the young and young-at-heart embrace the possibilities of the unknown, and believe in fairies. For centuries, fairies have been an important part of culture and legend, and in all of the ancient legends, these mythological creatures are described as intelligent, mischievous, and magical.

Mortals don’t often see fairies because of the division between our world and their world, but it is believed that by creating special fairies houses, we can draw them into our world. But we’ll bet your kids will see them!!

If you would like to see the finished creations, but are unable to attend Fairy Day, don’t worry!  All the houses will be on display for the month of July for you to enjoy. Visit the Haggerty Education Center for a map of the sites.

A limited number of fairy house sites are available for Fairy Day, and there is a fee of $30 per fairy house, which includes all materials, activities, and refreshments. Preregistration is required. To see photos of previous fairy houses or to get ideas for your own house, or for more information or register, visit