Posted Sunday, May 14th, 2017

photo: a young boy wearing a butterfly wings hats

A young butterfly enthusiast

 GREAT FAMILY EVENT: Discover Butterflies Through Hands-On Fun

Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? Are you aware butterflies can be found on every continent except for Antarctica? Did you know that butterflies are important pollinators?

Learn a lot more about butterflies at ‘Butterfly Bonanza’ on Saturday, June 10, from 12 noon to 4 p.m. at the Morris County Park Commission’s Pyramid Mountain National Historic Area in Montville.

‘Butterfly Bonanza’ is packed with excitement, entertainment, and education for all ages. Travel through the butterfly’s lifecycle stations to experience metamorphosis firsthand, and walk through the ‘Hall of Arthropods’ to meet unusual live insects and other invertebrates. Discover how to bring butterflies to your own yard with native plants and seeds.Photo of a large butterfly on a flower

Enjoy a guided ‘Bug Safari’ tour of the butterfly garden with a naturalist who shares fascinating facts about the amazing adaptations of the many critters that call it home. Create butterfly origami and listen to live music and stories as you celebrate the life and legacy of these beautiful and diverse animals.

Photo: group of kids enjoying a previous butterfly event

Group of kids enjoying a previous butterfly event

Don’t miss the highlight of the day…the Pollinator Parade.  At 2 p.m., join the procession of costumed naturalists and visitors disguised as animals that pollinate plants, such as hummingbirds, moths, bats, bees, and, of course, butterflies. After learning the pollination song, a procession follows performer Ken Gallipeau around the event as he sings for all to join in.

Wear your own pollinator costume, create a costume at our Pollinator Parade Craft station, or parade along waving scarves and streamers!

Admission to this event is $4 per adult, $3 per child ages 3 and up, and age 2 and under are FREE. Butterfly-attracting plants and laminated guides featuring butterflies of New Jersey are available for purchase.

For more information and directions to Pyramid Mountain National Historic Area in Montville Township, visit or call 973.334.3130.