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Posted Wednesday, March 8th, 2017



Morris County Improvement Authority Issues RFP for Lease of Morris ViewThe Morris County Improvement Authority this week has issued a Request for Proposals for the potential leasing of the Morris View Healthcare Center, a 283-bed county owned nursing home and sub-acute rehabilitation facility in Morris Township, by a private management company.

The RFP seeks proposals from experienced private health care organizations for the lease of the 211,277 square-foot facility, including the transfer of the 283-licensed long-term care beds, now held by the county, through the New Jersey Department of Health.

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The county Board of Freeholders in 2016 voted to authorize the development of an RFP for the potential lease of Morris View.

The freeholders stressed that the county is retaining ownership of the facility and considering specific patient care requirements within the RFP to ensure that any private management company considered by the county to lease Morris View would maintain the high quality of care now offered to elderly and disabled residents living there.Morris County Improvement Authority Issues RFP for Lease of Morris View

To ensure the choice of a high quality private health care provider, the freeholders voted to employ the Morris County Improvement Authority to handle the RFP process, which could give the county more flexibility in choosing the most qualified respondent.

Responses to the request for proposals are due back to the Morris County Improvement Authority by March 31. An evaluation committee will then review the requests, with a goal of making a decision by April.

Morris County Improvement Authority Issues RFP for Lease of Morris View

Rehab area at Morris View

The Board of Freeholders approved the leasing option last year following an independent study of Morris View. The study by consultant Perselay Associates projected that the tax-supported subsidy to run Morris View would rise from some $7 million incurred in 2016 to $15.5 million annually by 2020.

Morris County Improvement Authority Issues RFP for Lease of Morris View

Music program at Morris View

The study found that a potential leasing option of Morris View to a private nursing home company could be a viable solution to respond to the projected financial issues that are likely to affect Morris View, while also maintaining the high quality of care offered at Morris View.

The information compiled by Perselay Associates supplements a 2015 report by done for the county by consultants Marcus and Millichap.

The Perselay study included a detailed fiscal analysis, a report on findings about county nursing homes in several other counties that have been sold to private owners, and includes findings from a series of meetings held with the Morris View Advisory Committee and family members of patients at Morris View.

Since 2005, Morris County has commissioned independent consultants and experts to perform various analyses of the facility and make recommendations. They resulted in improved and more efficient and cost-effective operations at Morris View, but did not eliminate the annual and growing fiscal deficit.

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