Posted Monday, September 26th, 2016

11 Tips To Keep You Safe This Fall If You Are Biking

Temperatures this week underscore the point that fall weather is fast approaching and so are fall biking dangers. To help keep you safe, comfortable and riding all season, here are a few tips for bike riders from TransOptions, the non-profit rise sharing and commuting options organization:

  • Drivers traveling westbound can be suddenly blinded by the earlier setting sun during the evening rush hour. Anticipate this by riding carefully, predictably and always using appropriate signals.
  • Always use a white light in the front and a red light in the back. NJ law requires this!
  • Even if you have the lights mentioned above installed on your bike, it’s also encouraged that you use a reflector in the back (usually under the seat).
  • Try riding in the dark wearing typical riding clothes and have a friend record you to see how visible you really are. What you discover may surprise you.
  • If the above experiment showed you that you are not as visible as you thought,look for athletic attire with reflective details.
  • Budget-friendly tip: Try using reflective tape on your clothes, backpack, pedals, helmet, etc. instead of buying overpriced accessories.
  • Consider adding mud-guards.
  • Ride prepared with bright, breathable and waterproof layers for those sudden storms when visibility can take a nosedive.
  • Watch out for wet leaves! Treat leaf piles as debris if you can’t clearly see the roadway. You never know what sharp objects or potholes may be hidden underneath.
  • When temperatures drop, so does your tire pressure. Be sure to check your tires weekly but more often if you ride regularly.
  • Keep a hat, gloves and a scarf handy for those unexpected chilly autumn winds.

bike-2And as always, ride friendly!

TransOptions provides commute options such as carpooling, vanpooling, mass transit, biking and walking. The nonprofit also advocates for a safer and more sustainable future.

TransOptions offers a variety of programs for employers and employees, safety programs for bicyclists, pedestrians and teen drivers, and programs in environmental education and sustainability. It also offers bike riders of all ages and skill levels FREE bike training courses with League of American Bicyclist certified coaches.