Posted Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Milling and paving of the approaches to the busy Mendham Road Bridge in Morris Township has been completed and the road was reopened just prior to the start of the evening commute this afternoon.

Mendham Road Bridge approaches to be paved on Tuesday

Mendham Road Bridge approaches were paved today. Stone facing work will be finished in a couple of weeks.

The anticipated one-day project, to address approximately 100 feet of Mendham Road, or County Route 510, on each side of the bridge, started at 7 a.m. and was finished at 3:50 p.m., when the commuter route reopened.

Work this morning caused some motoring delays on the road between Morristown and the Mendhams, Chesters and Washington Township.

The paving virtually finalizes the bridge replacement project that was mostly completed in July, but still required an improved road surface on both ends of the bridge. The installation of stone bridge facing is expected to be done in a couple of weeks, marking the end of the project.

Physical replacement of the 118-year-old Mendham Road Bridge was completed on time in July.

The contractor, Konkus Corporation of Chester, subsequently added guide rails, did site restoration work, and is adding the stone bridge facing, all of which were part of the $1.62 million county funded job.

The original Mendham Road Bridge, which accommodated about 17,000 per day, was built in 1898 and was widened in 1950. It was a single span structure with steel stringers and a reinforced arch deck with masonry stone substructures.

The old structure was 13-feet long and 49-feet wide. It had to be replaced due to severe rust and section loss of the steel stringers, with cracks throughout the asphalt roadway and an undermining of the foundations.

The new structure is a precast concrete arch. The bridge parapets are stone faced with a bluestone coping, and the substructure is also stone faced. The roadway curb-to-curb width is approximately 46 feet and the overall structure width is 49 feet.