Posted Thursday, August 4th, 2016


Applications are now being taken for Morris County’s 2016 Fall Law Enforcement Career Development Course, which is a vital tool for persons considering careers in various aspects of law enforcement.

Safety academyThe comprehensive 10-week program is sponsored by the New Jersey Police Community Affairs Officers Association, along with the Morris County Board of Freeholders, Morris County Sheriff’s Office, several law enforcement professional organizations and 25 area colleges and universities. It is held at the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy in Parsippany.

The program is designed to give college students the tools necessary to gain careers in law enforcement.

Topics covered include; interview and resume preparation, physical fitness, appropriate social media use, criminal law and mock interviews. The program is free of charge and has graduated more than 600 students, many of whom have gained careers in law enforcement.

“This program is a key tool in helping law enforcement to maintain a professional and diverse workforce for the coming years,” said Morris County Undersheriff William Schievella, who also is president of the NJ Police Community Affairs Officers Association and director of the program.

Applications are available online at . The course is held beginning on Sept. 19, on Monday nights from 6-9:30 pm. The deadline for applications is September 12.

Safety 2Course Description

This course introduces participants to the work of law enforcement to broaden their perspectives and understanding of the criminal justice system, and to better prepare them to become viable candidates in the field.

It is a highly competitive program that was created in 2010, and is the first of its kind in New Jersey. Since its inception, the course (which began as a workshop) has graduated some 400 students.

The course is designed to prepare college students for careers in law enforcement, as well as teach students about the profession as a whole. It is further designed to give participants a closer look at law enforcement by exposing them to practical scenarios and hands-on instruction.

Additionally, the program is designed to intentionally address the lack of diversity among the ranks of law enforcement. While all candidates are provided equal access, NJPCAOA and partnering institutions actively seek minority candidates to enroll and participate in the series.

The series is recommended for every student interested in Criminal Justice, Social Sciences, and Justice Studies, as well as those students who are undecided but have an interest in pursuing careers in the field of legal justice.Currently, the partnering colleges/universities are working toward awarding academic credit for students who participate in this programPotential Course Learning Outcomes
SheriffStudents will:
–Enhance their understanding of the role of law enforcement in society in general, as well as the specific work of at least 10 different law enforcement agencies.
–Understand the importance of physical preparation through both instruction and practice.0
–Learn and demonstrate the appropriate dress code, components of a well-developed résumé and cover letter, and appropriate interview skills to better prepare them as law enforcement candidates.
–Advance their knowledge of the importance of psychological, social, academic and fiscal preparation for a career in law enforcement.
–Develop strategies and create networks to help secure a position in law enforcement.
Requirements and Expectations
–Each participant is required to complete and submit an application for admission into the program.
–Participants are required to attend any/all sessions that are designated as mandatory.
–In the event that a participant needs to miss a session for emergency reasons, he/she must give prior written notification. For any session that is missed, the participant must make arrangements to attend a make-up session.
–Participants are expected to dress appropriately (business attire) for all sessions unless otherwise stated.
–Group participation is mandatory; participant input is critical to the success of this program. Learning is the process of two-way communication; therefore participation will be both voluntarily as well as solicited from all participants.

William Schievella

William Schievella

Course Topics include: Dressing for Success, Financial Literacy,  Health and Wellness, Domestic Violence, On-Line Reputations, Professional Correspondences, Mock Crime Scenes, Defensive Tactics,  Mock Search Warrants,  Firearms Training Simulation, Police Shooting Survival Lecture, Physical Fitness Assessment,  Meet the Professionals,  Mock Interviews,  Preparation for Written and Psychological Exam,  Preparation for Oral Interview.

The course runs from Sept. 19, through Nov. 21. with final interviews and graduation scheduled for Dec. 5.

Partnering Educational Institutions and Agencies include:

Berkeley College, Bloomfield College, Caldwell University,  Centenary College, College of St. Elizabeth, CCM, Drew University, FDU, Felician College, Italian American Police Society of New Jersey, Kean University, Ramapo College, Rutgers University, Seton Hall University, Sussex County Community College, William Paterson University and Passaic County Community College.

Other participants are the National Asian Peace Officers Association, National Coalition of Latino Officers, National Organization of Black Women in Law Enforcement-Newark Chapter, New Jersey Police Community Affairs Association, and NOBLE Northern NJ Chapter.