Posted Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Ramadan 2Top Morris County officials celebrated the last night of Ramadan this week with members of the Islamic community in Morris County at a special  dinner in Rockaway Township.

The officials were invited by representatives of the Islamic Center of Morris County, who reached out the county freeholders and other elected and appointed officials to join with them, especially during recent periods of turmoil in the U.S. regarding relations with Americans who are Islamic.

Participants included Morris County freeholders Doug Cabana, John Cesaro, and Deborah Smith, along with County Clerk Ann Grossi, Morris County Parks Police Chief Cabe DiPietro, and Morris County UnderSheriffs Michael Puzio and William Schievella.

Ramadan 1

Morris County officials and members of the Islamic Center of Morris County joined for a last night of Ramadan dinner on Tuesday

“As the month of Ramadan begins to draw to a close, ICMC (Islamic Center of Morris County) seeks to uphold the principles of Ramadan 3the Islamic religion – one of which is an emphasis on peace and unity. On behalf of the Muslims of Morris County, we would greatly appreciate your support and presence in the spirit of bringing the community together,” read the invitation sent by Zeyad Assaf of the Islamic Center.

After a program and prayers, county officials joined with members of the Islamic community for a delicious meal together.

“This was a great opportunity to meet with residents of our county, to share a meal and friendship with our neighbors from the Islamic community,” said Freeholder Doug Cabana. “I was especially impressed by the many young people in the group and advised them of the many opportunities there are across the county for their assistance and participation.”