Posted Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Nearly 200 people attended the Morris County library’s first-ever R.E.A.D. safety program for children this week at the county library in Hanover Township.

Morris County OEM Director Jeff Paul Reads to the children at the READ program

Morris County Fire Marshall Jim Davidson reads to the children at the READ program

Many children were able to explore the fire and emergency vehicles at the site, Morris County Park Police processed 32 Kid Safe identity cards, and the kids got special book readings from the likes of County Fire Marshall Jim Davidson and County Emergency Management Director Jeff Paul.

Library officials offered special appreciation to all of the first responders who attended the event on Tuesday afternoon and who were so engaging with the children.

The goal of the R.E.A.D. safety program – or Responders Encourage Awareness of Danger program – for kids was to give county youngsters a hands-on experience when it comes to safety, with fire, emergency and rescue vehicles at the site to be explored.

Morris County Fire Marshall Jim Davidson reads to the children

Morris County OEM Director Jeff Paul reads to the children

County first responders read to the children, using appropriate books on safety to try and reinforce messages they receive at home from their parents and guardians. In addition, Kid Safe Cards were created for any interested parents, including fingerprinting of each child, with the cards given to parents for use in case of future emergency situations.

“It’s important to reinforce safety and security messages to our youngest residents, to make sure they are aware of dangers around them, to learn how to deal with emergencies, and to be comfortable around police, fire, EMS, and rescue personnel, ’’ said County Emergency Management Director Jeff Paul.

“It’s amazing how smart our kids can be if given the right tools to deal with difficult situations,’’ he added.

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